Meet Our New Friend - That Poppy

We’ve been waiting so long for this moment, we finally had a chance to interview the face of the first hello sanrio collection, That Poppy!


That Poppy is a Nashville-born artist who emerged on YouTube in 2014 with a video of her eating cotton candy in silence. Her fans were baffled, yet it was the start of Poppy’s brand of smart millennial theater. Wide-eyed, platinum blonde, and decked out in precious throwback outfits, Poppy gained a substantial following on social media, with fans eagerly waiting for new videos, the subjects of which grew even more bizarre and enthralling.

We’re so happy to introduce our new friend to everyone! 

Sweet Happy News: How are you today, Poppy?

That Poppy: I’m good, how are you?


Sweet Happy News: Pretty good! How about we start with a question that we just have to ask everyone. Which Sanrio character is your favorite?

That Poppy: I personally identify with My Melody. She’s so cute. I love that she’s pink and white. Her temperament seems very sweet. 

Sweet Happy News: What is your favorite piece from the hello sanrio collection?

That Poppy: Definitely that strawberry backpack. I need it! 

Sweet Happy News: Yes, it’s so cute! Can't wait for when it's available in December. So, we heard a little rumor that you are Poppy? Who is Poppy?

 That Poppy: Poppy is from the Internet. The Internet is a place we always go to so we can connect. She is a kawaii princess.


Sweet Happy News: Let’s talk inspiration. What inspires your style? What inspires you to create?

That Poppy:  The answer to both of those questions are all things cute and small and pink and cute and girly and musical. Also books I’ve been reading a lot lately.


Sweet Happy News: Nice! What books are you reading?

That Poppy: How Music Works by David Byrne and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.


Sweet Happy News: Very interesting! It seems like 2016 was a pretty big year for you! You released an EP in February, went on tour, teamed up with Steve Madden for a series of videos, and Katy Perry even tweeted one of your videos. What was your favorite moment?

That Poppy: Katy Perry tweeting about me! She’s a pop queen and she watches my videos and that's an amazing feeling! Katy Perry is important.


Sweet Happy News: Is there anything coming up for 2017 that you can talk about?

That Poppy: Lots of new Poppy music and performances! The goal is to perform around the world, especially in Japan. More episodes of Poppy online, on YouTube and other places.


Sweet Happy News: Exciting! On a different subject, what is your favorite game? Are you a fan of alternate reality games? 

That Poppy: Yeah, I love alternate reality! I’ve only experienced it once so far, but it’s the closest thing to real life! But I also like chess.


Sweet Happy News: When is the last time you really felt alive?

That Poppy: I feel alive every time my phone is re-charged.


Sweet Happy News: Amazing. Finally, if you could be a Sanrio character, what would that character be like?

That Poppy: My dream is to make this actually come true one day.  She would be a little girl, similar to the Little Twin Stars. She loves to sing, and her voice would heal people. If anyone was sad, she would heal their hearts and piece it back together. I would love to make this character a reality. Main color schemes for her would be heavy on the white, but also pink, light purple, and light minty green. 

Thank you, Poppy, for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to check out her first EP “Bubblebath” and to follow her online and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube!

And don’t forget about the wonderful new hello sanrio collection! It’s available at and select Sanrio stores.