My Melody Paper Flowers

Today we are going to celebrate our Friend of the Month: My Melody by creating paper flowers that will surely brighten up your day. Since Valentines's Day is also approaching, this is a supercute craft to give to a friend who makes you smile.

Faheema Chaudhury is a colorful artist based in the Los Angeles area. She runs an adorable jewelry and art line called Unicorn Crafts where she makes the most adorable pieces that will make you squeal with glee. Faheema loves all things sweet including her two fur babies who keep her company all day while she creates her magical world. Follow her magical crafts on and on Instagram and Tiktok.

Now let's get started on this supercute craft inspired by My Melody that’s fun, easy and guaranteed to make your day brighter!



1. Print out flower template. Cut out petals and separate into two piles – One for large petals and one for small petals.

    2. Take the large flower templates and trace onto the color of your choice. You’ll need 5 petals per flower.

      3. Cut out petals and fold each heart in half (vertically).

        4. Arrange the petals in a circular fan pattern and gluing down the previous petal securely before adding another petal.

          5. Repeat steps 2-4 for small petals.

            6. You should now have two flowers. One large and one small. Glue the smaller flower into the larger one

            7. Add a pom-pom to the middle of the flower.

              8. Take a pipe cleaner and roll one end to create a tight spiral.

                9. Glue pipe cleaner to the back of the flower.

                  10. Glue leaves to pipe cleaner.

                    11. Repeat these steps and make as many flowers as you’d like.

                      12. Once you’ve made all the flowers you want, add crinkle paper into your small pail.

                        13. Then add a sweet note with the My Melody tag template and glue to the paper straw. 

                          14. Carefully place flowers into pail and arrange to your liking. Optional: add white dots to your pail.
                          15. Send to a sweet friend!


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