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Relax! Our guest blogger, Victoria Suzanne, is here to show you how get comfy with some easy fashion tips inspired by Gudetama that won’t leave you frying in the pan…

Sometimes the busier you are, the greater the temptation it can be to just be lazy and relax! Whenever I don't want to get up in the morning (especially when I'm thinking about having long, leisurely breakfasts) I start to think about Gudetama. Gudetama is one of the latest Sanrio characters, a lazy egg who just wants to nap and flop around. His name comes from the Japanese sound 'gude', to be lazy, and 'tama' which is short for egg! If you've ever struggled to get an egg to slide out of the pan or flip, you know how you sometimes have to coax them just to move at all! That's how I felt today... so I decided to put together two Gudetama themed outfits to reflect my lazy feelings, even if I couldn't just laze around all day!

I wanted a comfy look that would be easy to wear but still speak to the bright Gudetama colors of yellow, black and white, so I paired my favorite Gudetama t-shirt with my go-to black and ribbon patterned mini-skort to start. Skorts are great because no matter how short they are, they're not stressful to wear - no worries about fluttering skirts or sudden winds! I also wanted the cute look of thigh-highs, but not the trouble of them slipping down... so I went with tights patterned just to look like thigh-highs! It’s all the fun of thigh-highs without any of the effort. Rhinestone sneakers are also on-board with this low-maintenance look.  

An easy way to add some more Gudetama style to this outfit was to safety-pin a tiny Gudetama to my beanie! I love adding small Sanrio plushies as a way to really underscore the characters inspiring my outfit. I also chose a sleepy style eyeliner to copy Gudetama's eyes - with big lashes to emphasize the shape. The lips and blush I kept peachy and warm-toned.

My favorite piece of this outfit is the show-stopping boston bag! The bag has a great sunny yellow finish on the outside, and even a tag that says 'meh...' for when you can't muster too much energy. Remember, you're too busy flopping on your plate to really do much. Except maybe snuggle under a thick slice of bread. 

When you are ready to snuggle down after a long day, this tee-shirt is soft enough to double as pajama wear or cute-and-lazy at-home style. Pink and black polka dot lounge pants are just the right touch of cute and pop. And whether you want to relax at home or traveling, I really like a good sleep mask. It's the only way I can be sure I can sleep anywhere! This one is super silky, so it's easy on my hair and skin too.

On days when I need a little break from life, I like to do things Gudetama might do - like flip through magazines, watch a favorite TV series on my laptop, eat simple comfort food like fried rice (with lazy eggs on top!), wear sheet masks, or paint my toenails. There's also always the classic nap! When you need to take a break, what are your favorite things to do? 

Thank you so much, Parfait Doll, for sharing this adorable look with us! Victoria Suzanne is a cute culture expert and fashion model since 2006, and the writer of America's first kawaii lolita fashion blog. Featured in books, Japanese television, magazines and runway shows around the world, life has been one crazy cute ride! Check out more of her adventures and how to live a cute princess life on her website, or dive in with her other social media spots!

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