Hello Pisces Season

    Pisces season has officially begun! (February 18 to March 20)

    Pisces are friendly, selfless, and known to have the strongest intuition. They are willing to help others as they are very compassionate. As creative beings, Pisces are connected to music, art, or anything they can express themselves with.

    Let’s learn more about our Pisces friends!

    Pisces Strengths:

    Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise

    Pisces likes:

    Hugs, sleeping, music, swimming, daydreaming


    Here are some supercute gifts we think your Pisces friends would love:

    Hello Kitty & Friends Coloring Pages Roll

    As natural artists, you’ll go through this coloring book in no time!

    Aggretsuko Double Sided Face Cushion

    We know you love your sleep! Relax into deep sleep with this Aggretsuko Pillow!

    Hello Kitty Lap Blanket (Summer Fruit)

    Cozy up with a soft blanket this Pisces season!


    Notable Sanrio Pisces:

    Mocha-February 20th


    Pochacco-February 29th


    Alex(Jewelpet)- March 3rd


    Cinnamoroll-March 6th