Sanrio Friend of the Month: kirimichan.

Hello. The Sanrio ‘Friend of the Month’ for August is your dependable mealtime partner, kirimichan. Here are some tasty tidbits about this savory slice of salmon!


  • is a star in the sliced food world
  • is your ever-faithful dinner table companion
  • dreams of becoming a delicious meal
  • grills up nicely (with your help)
  • is especially good friends with Kamaboko-chan
  • was first filleted on August 31st

Isn’t that fascinating?! Another fun fact, not only is kirmichan. a star in the sliced food world, your faithful mealtime partner is also a super pop sensation! Take it away, kirimichan.

Wasn’t that delicious?!

Do you know what else is delicious, the kirimichan. Sanrio ‘Friend of the Month’ collector pin for August! As always, this pin is available as a small gift with a $35 purchase at the Sanrio Online Store and in select Sanrio stores. Grill one up for your collection before they’re gone! Each pin is only available until the end of the month or while supplies last.