Sanrio Friend of the Month: MINNA NO TĀBŌ

There’s something about May that just feels so cheerful, its almost like you can do anything! Which is why it’s perfect that MINNA NO TĀBŌ is the ‘Sanrio Friend of the Month’ for May. Here are some fun facts about the little fellow whose straightforward and can-do approach to life wins him many friends.


  • is a cheerful and honest fellow
  • sometimes makes mistakes, but never gives up trying!
  • has lots of good friends and is good at sports, especially swimming
  • is not fond of green peppers or tongue twisters
  • has a birthday on May 5th

Speaking of a can-do approach to life, this month we’ll be celebrating one of our favorite books, Minna No Tabo's Sai Kon Tan!

If you are not familiar with this book – it is an original compilation by Sanrio that is based on a collection of philosophical aphorisms by a Chinese scholar named Hong Zicheng about how one should live in harmony with everyone. Sanrio's founder, Shintaro Tsuji, published Minna No Tabo's Sai Kon Tan because he felt that this is a very important concept, but it’s something that we tend to neglect in our present busy lives.

The book was published many years ago and is out of print, but the wisdoms and insights contained inside are so timeless that we just can’t help but refer to them over and over again. So be sure to stay tuned this month, as we will be once again posting precious proverbs from Minna No Tabo's Sai Kon using #TaboProverbs on Sanrio’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts!

And as always, don’t forget about the MINNA NO TĀBŌ Sanrio ‘Friend of the Month’ collector pin for May! This pin is available as a small gift with a $35 purchase at the Sanrio Online Store and in select Sanrio stores. Get one for your collection before they’re gone! Each pin is only available until the end of the month or while supplies last.