Sanrio Friend of the Month: Pochacco

Hello Friends! Celebrate February with our ‘Friend of the Month’, Pochacco! 

Pochacco is a curious and very energetic guy. He loves all sports and eating banana ice cream, and lives in Uguisu Alley just outside of Fuwafuwa Town. He is as tall as four cups of his favorite banana ice cream, and weighs as much as three carrots from the Fuwafuwa Town carrot patch.

Check out more fun facts about our Friend of the Month:

Let's meet Pochacco's friends!


This is Choppi, Pochacco's best friend! He is a mouse who loves all kinds of sweets- especially cream puffs with extra custard cream.


This set of chick triplets are named Piyo, Piko, and Peepu. They all have the same hobby: clinging onto Pochacco's tail!


Pochacco is a sweet Yorimichi dog who has many friends. And he absolutely loves making new friends any chance he gets!