Tuxedosam and Friends Felt Book Clips

Let’s celebrate our Friend of the Month, Tuxedosam by crafting some dapper felt book clips with his friends, Hello Kitty and Keroppi. It’s a super cute way to mark your page in style.

Hi, my name is Clara. I’m a pharmacist and mom of 2 kids. When I’m not in the dispensary, I love to create adorable crafts, treats, and food art. Bright colors and adorable characters make me happy. You can find more fun creations on my Instagram @clarasham22.


Now let’s get crafting!


  • Felt - blue, yellow, green, pink, white, red, black
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • White glue
  • Pencil
  • Jumbo paper clips (blue, green, white)
  • Toothpicks
  • Acrylic paint - black, pink (optional)


1. Trace or print a picture of Tuxedosam, Hello Kitty, and Keroppi around 1.5 inches wide.

2. Cut out 2 sets of each character shape using the blue felt for Tuxedosam, white for Hello Kitty, and green for Keroppi.

3. Cut and glue on the felt details for each character. For Hello Kitty’s bow, I pinched and glued the inner corner before adding the middle circle.

4. Dab a toothpick into the black acrylic paint to make Tuxedosam and Hello Kitty’s eyes. Repeat for Hello Kitty’s whiskers and Keroppi’s mouth. Use the pink acrylic paint to add the optional blush.

5. Glue the hands onto the bottom copy of each character. Then apply glue around the edges of each shape, adding a little extra in the middle. Press the end of the paper clip that has ONE loop into the glue as shown. Place the matching felt piece on top. Gently press and let dry.

6. Clip onto your favorite book or planner. Enjoy!

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