• Name : Pochacco
  • Birthday : February 29

Pochacco is a curious and clumsy little guy who sometimes sticks his nose where it isn't wanted. He loves going for walks and eating banana ice cream, and lives in Ugulsu Alley just outside of Fuwafuwa Town. He is as tall as four cups of his favorite banana ice cream, and weighs as much as three carrots from the Fuwafuwa Town carrot patch.

Piyo, Pico, Peebu

Piyo, Pico, and Peebu Pochacco’s little girl chick friends.


Mime is Pochacco’s tortoise friend.


Choppy is Pochacco’s mouse friend.

Dori and Jump

Dori and Jump are Pochacco’s dolphin friends. Dori is a baby girl dolphin and Jump is a little boy dolphin.


Popple is Pochacco’s duck friend.


Guri is Pochacco’s bunny friend.