• Name : Pompompurin
  • Birthday : April 16

This boy golden retriever is unmistakable in his trademark brown beret. He has a laidback demeanor and loves the phrase 'let's go out!' as much as he dislikes the word 'stay!' He collects shoes for a hobby, and has a secret stash that includes one of his owner-father's leather shoes, and one of his owner-mother's sandals. He loves milk, anything soft, and his mama's cream caramel puddings. He has a talent for napping and doing 'pompompurin aerobics', and can make friends with anyone. His dream is to get even bigger. The basket in the entrance hall of his sister-owner's house is where he calls home.


Pompompurin’s papa loves bad jokes. Kind Papa watches over his family with a smiling face. Papa is also a very handy sleuth.


Pompompurin’s mama is kind and tidy. Mama works with master’s big sister in her cake shop, and her handmade pudding is a hit in the shop!


Muffin lives in the house next door to Pompompurin. Muffin is a shrewd little hamster boy who loves eating. He chews on anything delicious. His hobbies are shelling nuts and hiding in Pompompurin’s hat!


Scone lives in a red gumboot in a field. Scone is a hardworking, thoughtful, and sensible boy mouse. His hobbies include corn-eating contests and tail tricks (he can pick up chestnuts with his tail!).


Bagel was born in a park with tall trees, and now lives in a red postbox (from Pompompurin’s master’s big sister) which is high in a tree! Bagel likes to play dumb for attention, playing shy at first but soon makes friends with anyone. Bagel’s round eyes and curly tail are charm points! Bagel’s hobbies include cooking (especially hotcakes) as has a big softspot for sweet things!


Whip was born in an igloo somewhere very cold, but stays at Pompompurin’s during summer break. Whip is a quiet and innocent boy penguin who can be found addling along behind Pompompurin. His hobbies include dancing and sliding on his belly!


Powder was born in a house with a red roof, deep in the woods. Powder is kind but a little shy around strangers. She is like a big sister to everyone, and she may have a secret crush on Pompompurin! Her fluffy white ears are her charm point. Her skills include flower fortune telling (she’s often right) and her hobbies are walking in fields of flowers.


Tart was born in the biggest cave in the forest. Tart looks quite placid, but is actually an adventurous boy rabbit. His big floppy ears are his charm point. His skills include finding out where the fun is, and his hobbies include climbing up high, which he practices in the forest.


Custard was born up a high tree. Custard is easy going, happy, and a peaceful boy bird. He is a good listener and always is available to listen to everyone’s troubles. His two hairs on the top of his head are a charm point. His skills include finding four-leaf clovers and giving them to friends. His hobbies include traveling to find happiness (but being on top of Pompompurin’s hat is where he’s most happy). He also wants to live on a cloud when he grows up!


Coconut lives in a tropical island in the south. This little boy monkey is as bright and cheerful as the sun. He loves watching for rainbows after a storm while drinking coconut juice. His pink backside is his charm point. Of course he’s a great tree climber, and a pro-level coconut cracker. His hobbies include dancing the hula dance, and shaking the maracas in time with the music.


Mint was born in the pond in the park. Mint is full of bounce and naturally competitive boy frog. His smiling face is charm point! He is amazing at jumping and he believes he can jump further than anyone. His hobbies include walks on sunny days and swimming.


Macaroon lives in a beauty parlor near Pompompurin’s house. Macaroon is a golden retriever, and has always adored and yearned for the styling fluffy look of a poodle. She prides herself on her super cute poodle-like curls and her big eyes. She collects cute accessories and small items, and loves the big ribbon that she wears in her hair. Sometimes, for a change of pace, she wears glasses for show.