Cinnamoroll Alarm Clock (Starry Sky)

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Make every morning a little sweeter with the Cinnamoroll Alarm Clock. The snooze button is shaped like a tiny latte perched between Cinnamoroll's ears.

The Starry Sky collection features Cinnamoroll with a sparkly-eyed look. The sentimental tagline, "I wish upon the stars so bright, as I snuggle in and say good night," is written on products throughout the series.

♡ Latte-shaped button

♡ Requires 3 AA batteries

♡ Cinnamoroll wakes you up with 5 different sayings in Japanese.

  • Yesterday you saw a beautiful star. Let's do our best today!
  • I'm sleepy. Get up!
  • Good morning! Let's do our best today as well. I'll always be by your side.
  • I'll get up and get up late! Ehhh.
  • A new day will begin! I hope you can smile!