Deery-Lou x Dumbgood Cargo Skirt

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Deery-Lou, the cheerful fawn lives in the Rainbow Forest with his friends. He spends his time playing in the sun and chasing butterflies. When something fun excites him, his tail wags like a helicopter! 

Featuring a meadow-motif and pleated details, this skirt feels comfy and playful, with the right amount of style to match!

Founded in 2017 by Amelia Muqbel and Justin Deanda, Dumbgood creates streetwear pieces with an emphasis on 90s nostalgia featuring film, TV, and icons of the decade.

♡ All-over print 

♡ Pleated details

♡ Side-zip closure


Army Skirt Size Chart 

 Size Waist Length
 XS 11 3/4" 14"
 S 12 3/4" 14.5"
 M 13 3/4" 15"
 L 14 3/4" 15.5"
 XL 15 3/4" 16"
 2XL 17 1/4" 16.5"
 3XL 18 3/4" 17"