Hello Kitty x Polaroid 600 Perfectly Pink Instant Film Camera

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It’s pink. It’s Hello Kitty. It’s Sanrio’s happiest girl totally vibing in her most delightful aesthetic. 

This new camera uses refurbished, vintage Polaroid internal components from the 80s and 90s, housed in a freshly-molded exterior — designed and built by Retrospekt and officially licensed by Polaroid and Sanrio. 

Retrospekt’s refurbishment process ensures each set of camera internals is thoroughly restored and inspected to provide the foundation for a brand-new camera that captures the instant photography experience in its most authentic form (while also promoting sustainability through reuse of what would otherwise become e-waste). 

This camera is powered by the batteries found in each pack of Polaroid 600 instant film (film not included). 

♡ Automatic flash

♡ Film not included

♡ Compatible with any Polaroid 600 film pack

♡ Batteries not required

♡ Limit 2 per order

Note: This is a refurbished vintage camera, customized and rereleased by Retrospekt and Polaroid.