About Sanrio

    small gift, big smile®
    It's more than just a catchy phrase; it's the foundation of everything we do, and we're proud to say we've been creating smiles for over 40 years.
    At Sanrio, we believe that a gift is more than just a gift. Rather, a gift is a means of expressing our heartfelt feelings for others. This philosophy guides all of our activities, whether we're designing a stationery set, a retail store, or an animated television series.
    From Sanrio boutiques showcasing the ultimate Sanrio collection to smaller assortments in other shopping environments, we invite all our friends and guests to experience the magic of these four simple words.

    A Message From Our Founder
    Shintaro Tsuji
    Sanrio's activities, since its inception, have all been rooted in social communication.
    When the company was formed in 1960, it was a era of stark practicality.
    However, we at Sanrio were convinced that regardless of this social current, people would nonetheless find joy and hope in beautiful, fanciful things such as the blooming of a flower or a bird's cheerful song.
    Thus our characters were born, with a presence and value that has since far surpassed the confines of a printed design.
    They delight, they express people's sentiments, they foster friendships, they put smiles on faces.
    Times have changed since our company began, and values have changed with them.
    Good relationships and understanding between countries and people, and the notion of treating one another with respect, are increasingly believed to be the heart of happiness -- not just here, but around the world.
    Our business puts importance on the spiritual side of things.
    We make things which will help foster communication, we offer entertainment to add fun and fullness to everyday life, and we seek to help friendships flourish.
    There has never been a time when such activities have been more needed. Indeed, "No one is an island."
    That is why all of us at Sanrio shall continue, with one heart and mind, to offer the very best social communication business possible, and to help build a bridge between the hearts and minds of people all over the world.
    It is for this we are proud to be known, and at this which we continue to strive to be the very best.
    - Shintaro Tsuji, President and CEO