Hello Kitty Cafe California Menu

Hello Kitty Cafe
Every item from the Hello Kitty Cafe menu is inspired by treats from around the world and made with love. Have a sweet day!
Hello Kitty Cafe Food Menu
birthday cake
chocolate chocolate cake
mama's apple pie
sugar cookies
5 piece macaron set
hello kitty mixed berry pocket pie
hot mini donuts (grand cafe exclusive)
chocolate chip cookies (grand cafe & san jose exclusive)

Seasonal Specials (limited time only)

lemon tart
lemon honey hello kitty pocket pie
strawberry cake (grand cafe & san jose exclusive)

Hello Kitty Cafe Beverage Menu

Iced Teas

strawberry iced tea
peach iced tea
grapefruit iced tea
lychee iced tea
mango iced tea
passion fruit iced tea


strawberry mint lemonade
cucumber mint lemonade


americano (hot or iced)
cafe latte (hot or iced)
cafe mocha (hot or iced)
cappuccino (hot or iced)

Blended Drinks

strawberry dream smoothie
frozen mocha chip
blended strawberry lemonade

Seasonal Specials (limited time only)

blended mint lemonade


hot chocolate
hello kitty bow bottled water

Merchandise Menu

hello kitty cafe cookie cushion
hello kitty cafe cupcake cushion
hello kitty cafe donut cushion
sprinkles t-shirt
hello kitty cafe mug
gold bow handle mug (grand cafe exclusive)
bow handle mug
acrylic keychain (hkc cup)
chubby bunny sequin bow
stainless steel thermal bottle 32oz
stainless steel thermal bottle 18oz
cafe lunchbox with confetti popcorn
hello kitty cafe giant chef cookie
cafe chef plush

The Bow Room at Hello Kitty Grand Cafe Menu
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