Mr. Men Little Miss

Created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971 in the UK, Mr Men was inspired by Roger's 8-year old son, Adam, when he asked his dad, "What does a tickle look like?" Thus, the book, Mr Tickle, was born!

Today, the Mr. Men and Little Miss brand now features over 90 (and growing!) boldly illustrated characters with unique personalities. From books to TV series to a variety of consumer products released worldwide, Mr. Men and Little Miss has enjoyed multi-generational appeal throughout the years.

Did you know?

Currently one Mr. Men or Little Miss book is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide, and lifetime sales total 250 million books!


Subway® has teamed up with Mr. Men Little Miss! Starting April 21, 2017, get 1 of 32 character keepers in every kids' meal!

Meet the Mr. Men and Little Misses

Little Miss Wise

Mr. Tickle

Little Miss Sunshine

Mr. Sneeze

Little Miss Sparkle

Little Miss Shy

Mr. Strong

Mr. Noisy

Little Miss Scary

Mr. Marvellous

Little Miss Quick

Mr. Happy

Little Miss Princess

Mr. Forgetful

Little Miss Hug

Mr. Daydream

Little Miss Helpful

Mr. Cool

Little Miss Giggles

Mr. Chatterbox

Little Miss Fun

Mr. Clever

Little Miss Fickle

Mr. Cheerful

Little Miss Fabulous

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr. Brave

Little Miss Birthday

Little Miss Topsy Turvy

Mr. Bump

Little Miss Scatterbrain

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