SanrioTown.com Security Advisory: Corrected a vulnerability involving personal information of SanrioTown.com members

    Sanrio Digital, the owner of SanrioTown, confirms that personal information belonging to members of the website SanrioTown.com was subject to a security vulnerability.

    On December 19, it was revealed through outside sources that personal information such as names, date of birth, gender, and other information belonging to SanrioTown.com members was accessible if you knew the address of the vulnerable servers. The vulnerable data did not include credit card information or other payment information and passwords were securely encrypted.

    Sanrio Digital has investigated the problem and the vulnerability has been corrected. In addition, new security measures have been applied on the server(s); and we are conducting an internal investigation and security review into this incident. To the Company's current knowledge, no data was stolen or exposed.

    It should be noted that membership data of SanrioTown is not shared between other Sanrio related services (including Sanrio.com, hellokitty.com and mymelody.com); therefore other Sanrio services were not affected by this security vulnerability.

    We apologize deeply for any concern and inconvenience this incident may have caused.

    Detailed Information

    1. Personal user information that may have been accessible:
    First and last name
    Birthday (encoded)
    Email address
    Password (encrypted using SHA-1 hashes)
    Password hint questions

    2. Number of people whose personal information may have been leaked
    Up to 3.3 million website members were potentially affected by this security vulnerability, however there is no indication that any user data was actually exposed or utilized by malicious parties.

    3. Circumstances
    Owing to server misconfiguration, some personal information of SanrioTown.com members was visible to security researcher Mr Chris Vickery.

    4. Response going forward
    SanrioTown users should change their passwords on SanrioTown as well as passwords on other online services and accounts if they used similar passwords or hint questions.

    5. Measures to prevent reoccurrence
    Company installed additional security mechanisms on our servers and will carry out periodic review of these security measures.

    6. Inquiries
    General inquiries: Please contact Sanrio Digital at info@sanriodigital.com

    Media inquiries only:
    Mark Leeper (on behalf of Sanrio Digital)Managing DirectorMatrix Communications Limitedemail: mark@matrixcom.org Tel: +852 9142-1510