Gudetama Kitchen Sponge: Chef

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Gudetama Kitchen Sponge: Chef

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Cleaning up around the house just got a lot more interesting if you have Gudetama's help (or is no help at all).

This die-cut kitchen sponge features an image of Gudetama laying down printed on a thin layer of felt attached to a thick yellow non-abrasive sponge. Perfect for a quick swipe on counter tops or perhaps, best if just lazily sitting next to the sink.

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Product Details:

- Approx. 4.25"W x 4.5"H (at the widest & tallest points)
- Sponge height is approx. 1.25" (printed felt + sponge combined)
- Normal use of the sponge (especially when in contact with water or chemical-based cleaners) will deteriorate the sponge over time causing fading, loss of parts of the sponge, etc...
- All products are specialty items. Quantities are limited.

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