Cinnamoroll & Friends Clay Rings

It’s Cinnamoroll’s 20th anniversary! To celebrate, let’s craft some clay rings of Cinnamoroll and his two friends, Keroppi and Hello Kitty. Make a set for yourself or share with friends. 
Hi, my name is Clara. I’m a pharmacist and mom of 2 kids. When I’m not in the dispensary, I love to create cute crafts, treats, and food art. Bright colors and adorable characters make me happy. You can find more fun creations on my Instagram @clarasham22.
Now let's get started on this supercute DIY to celebrate our Friend of the Month, Cinnamoroll! 


  • Polymer clay - white, green, baby blue, light pink, black, yellow, red

  • Markers that match closely to your finger size

  • Translucent Liquid Clay (use to attach small details)

  • Gloss glaze

  • Small paint brush

  • Rolling tool

  • Razor blade or cutting tool

  • Ball stylus tool (small)

  • Tin foil

  • Tape 


1. Prepare your clay by rolling it back and forth in your hands to warm and smooth it out. Roll them into a ball and then a snake, repeating until fully conditioned.
2. Roll out two white and one green clay into cylindrical shapes. Press down and roll out to your desired thickness. Use your cutting tool to make straight edged strips.
3. Wrap tin foil around your marker smoothly and secure it with tape at the top and bottom ends. The tape and marker will be removed before baking.
4. Wrap one of your strips around the foil and cut off the excess with your blade. Use your fingers to smooth out the seam.
5. Now it’s time to decorate into characters!
For Cinnamoroll, shape 2 small white ovals into his floppy ears. Dab a bit of liquid clay to secure onto the white strip. Use the ball tool to mark his eyes and mouth. Roll 2 small circles and a very fine strip of blue clay and press into the imprints. Attach small pink ovals for his cheeks.
For Keroppi, shape and flatten 2 white balls for his eyes. Adhere them with liquid clay on top of the green strip. Use your ball tool to mark his eyes, cheeks, and V-shape mouth. Use the black clay to roll 2 small balls and a thin strip for the mouth, then press into place. Flatten 2 small pink balls for his cheeks.
For Hello Kitty, shape 2 white triangles for her ears. Adhere to the top of the white strip with liquid clay and use your fingers or ball tool to smooth out the seams. Use the red clay to shape 2 parts of the bow, one slightly larger than the other. Press down a small red ball for the centre. Use the ball tool to add the inner bow detail. Mark her eyes, nose, and whiskers with the ball tool and fill in with black and yellow clay.
6. Remove the tape and slip the marker out from underneath, leaving the foil in place. Place your rings with their foils in the oven according to the package instructions of your clay. I baked mine at 275F for 10 minutes.
7. Let cool, then remove the foil. Glaze with a small paintbrush. Let your rings sit for 24 hours until completely dry.
8. Tip: If your ring is too tight, cut the ring band at the back with your blade to make it adjustable.
Make a set for yourself or share with friends!
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