Hello Friend: Q&A with David Lee

Hello Friends! Join us in celebrating Shared Moments with Sanrio all year long! Whether it’s finding friendships in unexpected places, fostering everyday kindness or empowering cheerful expression – Sanrio invites everyone to create new and exciting memories together, big or small. 


As part of the celebration and in honor of Cinnamoroll’s 20th Anniversary this month, we’re sharing a special Sanrio moment with our friend David, the creative behind @fluffycrouton on Instagram. Get to know more about him and his amazing Sanrio collection.  


1. Hello Friend, please introduce yourself and tell us about your amazing Instagram content.

Hi! My name is David and I’m the colorful creative behind @fluffycrouton, on Instagram. There, I share bright and cheerful content of all things that make me smile!


2. What Sanrio character is your favorite and when did you first hear about Sanrio?

My all-time favorite Sanrio character is “Hoshinowaguma” (ホシノワグマ). There’s something so special to me about all of the stars in his design! As for my first time hearing about Sanrio, I can’t really pinpoint a specific time, but I was introduced to it at a very young age. Growing up, my cousins were big fans of all the characters and I always admired their fun purchases from our local Sanrio Gift Gate store. More than likely, that’s how I became so fond of Sanrio; I always saw it when I was around other family members.

3. Your Instagram is so nostalgic and full of Sanrio items, what is your favorite Sanrio item you own and when did you start collecting?

The item I favor most is a Hoshinowaguma mechanical pencil that my mom bought for me when I was in elementary school; the bobblehead figure at the top of it is the cutest! I started collecting when I was around the age of  8 or 9, and it all began with Sanrio’s cute stickers. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that my parents began to give me an allowance, and this was when I began collecting other things, such as pens and pencils. They are, undeniably, my favorite thing to collect from Sanrio!

4. Your daily content of your Sanrio collection always looks amazing! How many Sanrio items do you own?

Gosh, that’s difficult to say as I’ve never actually sat down and counted everything, but its definitely quite a bit! Most of what I own is displayed around my room and I love being surrounded by all of the different colors! I sometimes reminisce the days of when my collection used to fit inside a single pencil pouch; it’s surreal to think of what my collection has become, over the years.

5. Cinnamoroll is not only our Friend of the Month for March, but it's also Cinnamorolls 20th anniversary! Can you share a #SanrioSharedMoment of what your favorite Cinnamoroll item is?

Happy 20th anniversary, Cinnamoroll; I can’t believe he’s already celebrating 20 years of cuteness! My top favorite item of Cinnamoroll is a teacup accessory holder that was released in Japan for his 15th anniversary. The pen and pencil from Cinnamoroll’s debut collection are next in line of my favorite items, and I feel so fortunate to own a pair!


6. Cinnamoroll loves to bake and spend time with his friends at the cafe. What do you like to do with your friends?

I’m very similar to Cinnamoroll in the sense that I love to spend time with my friends, too! My ideal outing with them is sitting in a coffee shop and simply catching up on life. There’s nothing better than sharing funny stories with one another and laughing it all out! Those kinds of memories are most precious to me.


7. Small gift, big smile is Sanrios philosophy, what Sanrio small gift have you recently gave to a friend that brought big smiles?

One of my best friends had been eyeing something for quite a long time, but never got around to getting one; it was a Kirimichan stacking cube. I surprised her with one for her birthday and she absolutely loved it!


8. And lastly, do you have a special #SanrioSharedMoment that youd like to share?

As a kid, going to our local Sanrio Gift Gate was one of the most exciting things ever for me; no other store compared to it. Something I enjoyed so much were the mini sticker sheets that I always saw by the cash register. They came on a roll and you could tear off whichever designs you wanted to purchase. My favorites were the holographic and fuzzy kinds! From all the bright colors, to the nostalgic smell of some of the best-tasting candy ever, Sanrio really made my childhood special!

Thanks so much David for sharing your special Sanrio moments with us. For more of David's amazing Sanrio collection follow him on Instagram: @fluffycrouton


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