DIY Hello Kitty Planter

Natalie Murphy is a blogger and creative based in Portland, Oregon. She loves crafting, writing, traveling and tackling big DIY projects in her home. If you’d like to see more from Natalie, visit her YouTube Channel or follow her on Instagram. Thank you so much Natalie for sharing this DIY!


·      Old teacup

·      White spray paint 

·      Succulent 

·      Hot glue gun

·      White polymer clay

·      Yellow, red, & black paint


1. Spray paint your old teacup, wait 10 minutes in between coats and make sure the teacup is completely coated. 

2. Once dry, paint Hello Kitty’s face unto the teacup using black paint. I measured the distance between her eyes to get a good ratio. Continue by painting Hello Kitty’s three whiskers, and three ovals for her eyes and nose.

3. Once the black paint has dried, add a smaller yellow oval in the middle of her nose. Let dry.

4. Roll out two small but equal balls of the white polymer clay, form two wide triangles and fit to the rim of your cup. Set aside. 

5. Take two additional balls of clay (one medium, one very small) and roll them out. Form one long oval and “pinch" in the middle to form a flat peanut shape, take the other ball of clay and flatten to make a flat circle.

6. Bake all clay pieces in your oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes.

7. Paint “bow” pieces red once cooled down. 

8. Attach ears and bow using your hot glue gun and place your plant inside!

**Note about your plant: If you choose a succulent for your new planter, feel free to leave it in its plastic container or place rocks at the bottom for proper drainage.

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