Hello Kitty Piñata

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching and you’re definitely going to want a least one or two piñatas at the celebration. Piñatas make everything more festive, especially piñatas shaped like Hello Kitty! This Hello Kitty piñata is adorable and so easy to put together. Make it large enough to hang or small enough to decorate the table—the world is your oyster!

Irene is an illustration and art director based in the SF Bay Area. She has a deep love for color, childhood whimsy and nostalgic. If she’s not making art, you can usually find her crafting or baking (and then promptly eating whatever she just baked).  Find more of her work on her site  and follow her on Instagram.


— Cardboard

— Utility Knife

— Scissors

— Glue

— Black, yellow and red paper

— White crepe paper streamer

— Black pen

— Masking Tape

— Ruler


1. Draw a Hello Kitty shape on the cardboard and cut out using a utility knife. Use that shape to trace another Hello Kitty on cardboard and cut that out.

2. Cut out 2-inch wide strips of cardboard.

3. Cut a fringe out of the white streamer.

4. Cut out ovals out of black paper for eyes. Cut out a slightly larger oval out of the yellow paper for ears. Cut out 6 whiskers out of the black paper. Cut out a circle and two rounded triangles out of the red paper for the bow.

5. Draw a black outline over the yellow and red shapes. Draw semi-circles in the middle of the rounded triangle pieces.

6. Time to assemble the piñata! Tape the cardboard strips along the edges of one Hello Kitty cardboard piece. If you want to fill your piñata, fill it with confetti, toys or candy. Tape the second Hello Kitty cardboard piece on top of the cardboard outline to close the piñata.

7. Starting from the bottom, glue white fringe pieces across the cardboard piñata. Keep gluing until the front is covered. Repeat on the back and sides. Trim any fringe pieces that are hanging off the sides off the cardboard sides.

8. Glue the eyes, nose, whiskers and bow to the front of the piñata. Enjoy!

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