Fashion Friday with Spottie Dottie

Hey everyone, Happy Friday to you! We’re really excited to introduce you to a new segment featuring our favorite fashionista Spottie Dottie!  

It all started when we found an issue of Sanrio’s A LA MODE from Fall 1992. A LA MODE was a magazine that was published quarterly for sale at the Sanrio Gift Gates and Boutique shops.

So in celebration of #FlashbackFriday, we wanted to share a blast from the past with everyone – the Spottie Dottie Fashion Flash!

Dear Spottie Dottie,
I have dull, straight hair. What can I do with my hair? 

Ann D.

Dear Ann,
Did you know that some people do many different things so that they can straighten their hair? Count your blessings! Hair is never dull when it is shiny clean and neatly brushed. You may have a shampoo build-up on your hair if it fails to shine. Try using a build-up remover shampoo to get that lost shine back!


Dear Spottie Dottie,
I am 11 and some of my classmates are 10, but we are very mature. We want to wear a little make-up. I am a little worried about this. What if I get pimples? Should I wear make-up or not?

Your friend,
Worried Beauty

Dear Beauty,
Girls your age have so much natural beauty that it is a shame to hide it under make-up. I know how hard it is to wait until you are older to do things, but try to enjoy the age you are now. This will help your outer beauty to last and your inner beauty to grow.

Dear Spottie Dottie,
All my Mom bought me this year for back to school is white shirts and white blouses and tee shirts. What shall I do?

Plano, Utah

Dear Worried,
It sounds like your Mom has a lot of fashion sense. She bought you EXACTLY what is the hottest fad in many parts of the USA! With some simple accessories such as belts, scarves, pins, etc., you can dress up your wardrobe or dress it down as you like. I’ll bet you have blue jeans, a skirt or two, and a couple other “bottoms” to wear with your new clothes. Have fun with all the different looks you will get.

As you can see, seeking fashion advice from your friends never goes out of style! Do you have a question about fashion, beauty or the latest trends? Submit your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them next month!

By the way, the latest fashion scoop is that there’s going to be a new Sanrio cosmetic collection coming out soon… stay tuned for more!