Welcome to the new Sanrio.com!

Did you know that is has been four years since the last time a major change was made on Sanrio's website? Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! With so many amazing advancements in technology, it’s a delight and pleasure to be able to bring everyone a truly modernized and device-friendly website experience!

Bringing you more ‘small gift, big smile’

That’s right. There is so much happiness in the world of Sanrio all the time! And, we truly want to spread smiles across the globe and make this a destination for all things fun and friendship!

All about the device

With so many people from so many different places exploring Sanrio, it just makes sense to provide an experience that is optimized for whatever device is being used.  Are you on a desktop computer?  Sure!  What about a tablet?  Absolutely!  Your smart phone?  Of course!

Shopping made simple and sweet
Of course, we all want cute things. And a re-imagined shopping section awaits those who want exclusive products or newest and coolest in the new ‘Shop’ section.  No longer will there be any distractions to divert your attention.  Scope out product descriptions, recommendations, reviews, video alternative images, and a simplified checkout experience that is still as secure as always.

Community connections through content
Say hello to the brand new Sanrio blog, “Sweet Happy News”! Please be sure to visit often and engage with others by leaving comments with your thought or see what others think!

The power of a good search

Find what you’re looking for by using the new search function.  Now search results will not only give you supercute products that you’ll cherish, but you’ll also find various content articles related to what you seek. 

Take a look around, have lots of fun and let us know what you think in the comments below!