Sanrio Friend of the Month Kuromi

Are you in the mood for some mischief? Well, you’re in luck - because this October, Kuromi is the Sanrio Friend of the Month! Here are some fun facts about the rambunctious and girly free spirit with a tough appearance and a black hood. 


  • is a tomboy who loves making mischief
  • is actually very girly and has soft spot for cute guys
  • enjoys writing in her diary
  • favorite color is black and favorite food is shallots
  • loves to cook and read romance novels
  • is the friendly self-proclaimed rival of My Melody

But did you know that Kuromi is the leader of a group of friends that love causing havoc at breakneck speeds on their tricycles? The members of Kuromi’s 5 are Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi. 

Kuromi's 5:
  • Nyanmi (top right): The second in command of Kuromi’s 5 due to her wits and is the brainiest member of the group. Prefers to eat ‘taiyaki’ fish-shaped sweet bean cakes, especially the ones with sweet beans in the tail! 
  • Wanmi (bottom right): A natural sleuth with her keen doggy sense of smell, she can search out anything and everything. 
  • Konmi (bottom left): The master of being covert, she is naturally very good at hide-and-seek and enjoying being tidy. 
  • Chumi (bottom middle): Fleet of foot, which makes her the perfect scout for the group. She loves cheese, especially pizzas with extra cheese!

In addition to this group of mischief-makers, Kuromi also has a sidekick named Baku who can fly. Baku can sniff out dreams and can even find the person who is having the dream! He is very patient and doesn’t let things get to him, even when Kuromi teases him. 

And guess what’s coming up? Yep, you guessed right, October 7th is Friend of the Month Friday, which is when you’ll be able to get this exclusive “Sanrio Friend of the Month” collector pin!

The pin is available on the first Friday of the month as a small gift with a $30 purchase at and in select Sanrio stores, so be sure to get one for your collection before they’re gone! Each pin is only available until the end of the month or while supplies last.

Also, be sure to stop by Kuromi’s Korner at! There you will find all kinds of fun goodies, a recipe for some delicious chocolate donuts inspired by Kuromi, kawaii fashion and a wicked cute pumpkin stencil - just in time for Halloween!