Kuromi Outfit of the Day

Have you ever wondered how to create a look inspired by Kuromi? Our guest blogger, Victoria Suzanne, is here to show you how to add a bit of mischievousness to your outfit! 

Hi everyone! I'm Victoria Suzanne, Sanrio lover and kawaii fashion expert. I’m a modern-day princess and fashion model living somewhere between the moon and New York City. I blog about kawaii and lolita fashion, cute lifestyle, and the power of positivity at Parfait Doll. My dream is to help other girls express themselves through fashion, so they can become their own Cinderellas!

Usually I'm the kind of girl who likes wearing frills and pastel pink, but with the changing seasons, I always start to feel the urge to be a little on the darker side this time of year. Kuromi is the perfect Sanrio character to bring to life for Halloween! Her punky-yet-girly style - in hot pink, black and lavender - makes her welcome at any creepy fall gathering (or all year round for girls who are a little spicier than sweet). I love feeling mischievous and wearing something out of my usual style! Here's my favorite Kuromi inspired outfit:

I wanted to keep her look cute but still on the sassy side, so the big fluffy pink hair is countered with her signature black bunny ears and skull bow! Showing homage to your favorite character is easy with a few accessories, like this patterned tote covered in Kuromi faces. Here are some other tips to finish off Kuromi's signature look:

  • Wear her favorite colors, like black and pink and lavender! This outfit is mostly black, with hot pink polka dots and lavender accents on the cuff and collar, for example. 
  • With my makeup I chose strong pointed cat-eye with tiny dots alongside to emulate her fun pom-pom ears, and pink blush and a slightly more lavender highlighter.
  • Pinning stuffed Kuromi plushes with big safety pins is an easy way to turn your favorite friends into fashion items.
  • Add punk enamel pins or badges for a slightly rebel edge! I have a hot pink wooden heart, a sparkly swinging star in mauve, and a golden pin that says 'kawaii'!
  • Girly skulls, especially on hats or hairpins, can give a simple outfit a Kuromi look, too!    
  • Wearing a playful A-line dress that's easy to move in and comfortable to wear, rather than the traditional puffy kawaii petticoat is perfect for the Kuromi look.  It also gives the style a little extra edge - she's ready for anything. 

Is anyone else feeling a little Kuromi lately?

Victoria Suzanne is a cute culture expert and fashion model since 2006, and the writer of America's first kawaii lolita fashion blog. Featured in books, Japanese television, magazines and runway shows around the world, life has been one crazy cute ride! Check out more of her adventures and how to live a cute princess life at www.parfaitdoll.com, or dive in with her other social media spots!

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