DIY Gudetama Confetti Eggs

Eggstra! Eggstra! Easter is soon approaching and while Gudetama can’t be helped with motivation, these super fun confetti filled Gudetama inspired eggs will surely get you excited about your Easter decorating festivities.

You’ll have a smashing good time breaking these eggs on the ground or on someone’s head. It’s always a great way to enjoy a few laughs and who doesn’t love colorful confetti?


·      Eggs

·      Craft paint

·      Paint brushes

·      Sharpie

·      Confetti

·      Card stock paper

·      White tissue paper

·      Small foam brush

·      Scissors

·      Craft glue

·      Washi tape

·      Paper grass

Creating Paper Basket: 

1.   Using a paper basket template cut out basket pieces from cardstock.

2.   Once you’ve cut out your basket template fold up the strip pieces along the circle base.

3.   Take one of your five long paper strips and attach it as close to the inside of the circle base using washi tape.

4.   Weave the strip around the basket base, alternating from inside to outside. Attach the end of the strip with washi tape on the inside of the basket.

5.   Take another long strip and place it directly above the strip you just attached and repeat step 4.

6.   Repeat step 4 until all 5 long strips have been weaved. 

7.   Fold the top ends of the vertical strips over inside the basket and adhere with glue.

8.   Using the remaining shorter strip, create the handle by adding glue to each end and attaching it to the inside of the basket. Fill basket with paper grass.

Decorating Eggs:

1.    Carefully puncture the bottom of the egg with a sharp object, like a thumbtack. Press the thumbtack in several times until you can puncture a hole into the bottom of the egg. You will need a hole about ½ inches.

2.   Use a kabob skewer to mix the egg yolk to help release the yolk from the shell. Wash the hallowed egg thoroughly and let it dry.

3.   Fill eggs with confetti.  You can turn a sheet of paper into a cone and tape to secure. Cut off a bit of the smaller end to make the opening for your ”funnel”. Make sure it’s big enough for the confetti to fit through, but not too big it won’t fit in the open end of your egg shell.

4.   Place the funnel into the open end of the egg. Spoon confetti into the funnel and tap down on the paper to help it fall through the hole. Fill up the eggs.

5.    Once you’ve filled up the eggs cut small squares from white tissue paper. Cut squares just big enough to cover the hole of the egg.

6.   Glue tissue paper to the hole. I used Mod Podge to adhere tissue paper by brushing on a little bit around the edge of the opening and placing a single layer over the top and sealing it.

7.   Once glue has dried it’s time to paint! Paint top middle and bottom of the egg in three different colors. Allow for each section to dry before moving on.

8.   Once egg is dry, take a sharpie and draw on Gudetama’s face.

9.   Have fun and crack your confetti egg!

So gude! Thank you so much, Tiffany, for sharing this DIY! Tiffany Davis is a creative and teaching artist. She likes playing with color, food, crafts, and being curious. Her goal is to bring a sense of joy and magic through her work.  She can make ice cream disappear. What’s your superpower?

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