Pack Your Lunch with Aggretsuko!

March 10 is National Pack Your Lunch Day, and what better way to celebrate than with an adorable Aggretsuko themed bento box? Whether it’s for work or school, packed lunches are healthy, cost-effective, and, with just a wee bit of effort, can easily become edible works of art!

My own love-affair with bento-making first began a few years back, in a loving effort to ensure my boyfriend was eating healthy, homemade lunches when he went to school or work. Since then, I’ve devoted myself to creating bento lunches that are as cute and/or pretty as they are tasty, because - while taste is certainly vital - I believe aesthetics are just as important. As the saying goes: we eat with our eyes first.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this easy-to-make Aggretsuko sandwich: a feast for the eyes and stomach! Literally all you need are a sandwich (filled with your favorite fillings) and a cheese-shaped Aggretsuko head. To turn it into a complete bento, pack up your sandwich alongside a colorful salad and a side of juicy jewel-toned berries (extra points if you use this cute Aggretsuko bento box!), and you’ve got yourself a lunch that’ll be the envy of every friend and colleague in the building!

To add a touch of Aggretsuko “rage” to this lunch, try topping your salad with cheese or veggie letter cutouts that spell “GYAAA!” – the big bold letters will add instant pizzazz to your salad! I made my letters out of white cheese, which I then colored red using an edible red food marker. Finish the salad off with some yummy mix-ins, such as cucumber stars, dried cranberries, and croutons, and you’ll have yourself a ragingly awesome salad! Just don’t forget to pack a side of dressing.

If you want more fun ideas for packing lunches, be sure to visit my blog, Love At First Bento, where I share tons of cute and elegant bento box tutorials that are perfect for all ages.

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·       2 slices bread (trimmed to fit in your bento/lunch box)

·       1 slice orange cheese

·       1 – 2 slices white cheese

·       1 slice bologna (or any dark-colored deli meat)

·       Nori seaweed

·       Sandwich filling of your choice (I used egg salad)


·       Aggretsuko bento box

·       Panda face nori punch



1.     Add your sandwich filling onto one of the slices of bread. 


2.     Cut out Aggretsuko’s head from the middle of the second bread slice. Carefully place this piece of bread on top of the other one to complete your sandwich.

3.     Cut out a head shape from the slice of orange cheese.

4.     Insert the orange cheese head into the opening you made on the top of your sandwich.

5.     Cut out Aggretsuko’s white ears and facial features from the white cheese slice. 

6.     Cut out Aggretsuko’s brown inner ears and two thin horn shapes from the bologna. 

7.     Using the panda face nori punch, punch out the full design from the nori. Use the eyes for Aggretsuko’s eyes, and cut off the ends of the smiley face piece to create her two eyelashes. Cut off two pointy ends from the nose piece to create Aggretsuko’s triangular nose and mouth. 

8.     Using tweezers, apply all of Aggretsuko’s ear and facial features onto the blank orange cheese head (I recommend using an Aggretsuko picture as a guide when doing this). TIP: Try using a little bit of mayo or honey to help the pieces stick better.


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