National Pizza Day Recipe feat. Hello Kitty

Hello everyone! I’m Shannon, the blogger behind Love At First Bento, and I’m a bento artist who loves to create cute and elegant bento boxes that I share step-by-step tutorials for on my blog. I have a serious obsession with all things Hello Kitty – in fact, I’m often called “Miss Hello Kitty” by my students when I’m teaching ballet, since I’m always decked out in head-to-toe Hello Kitty! So, it goes without saying that I’m constantly creating new and adorable Hello Kitty food art, like these mini Hello Kitty Pizzas.

The perfect fusion of Italian flavors + irresistible charm, these heart-shaped margherita pizzas will automatically turn any meal into a Hello Kitty pizza party! Bonus: they’re the PERFECT way for Hello Kitty fans to celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th!

Aside from being insanely cute, these pizzas are also super easy to make – all you need is a Hello Kitty onigiri mold kit, and you’re ready to transform any pizza into a Hello Kitty pizza! I topped my pizzas with classic margherita pizza toppings, but feel free to add whatever pizza toppings you’d like to yours. And don’t forget to add lots and lots of cheese hearts for that extra cute touch!

Now, let’s make some Hello Kitty pizzas, shall we?


·     Pre-baked pizza crust (thin crust works best)

·     Pizza sauce

·     Mozzarella cheese slices (thick cut)

·     Nori seaweed

·     Fresh basil leaves

·     1 slice bologna

·     1 slice orange cheese


Making the Pizza:

1. Using the large heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out a heart shape from the pizza crust. Repeat until you have the desired number of mini pizza crusts you’d like.

2. Spread pizza sauce atop each heart crust, then top with fresh basil leaves.

Decorating the Pizza:

1. Using the outline of the Hello Kitty onigiri mold (the pink insert portion) as a cutter, cut out a Hello Kitty head from a slice of mozzarella cheese. Use a toothpick to help you remove the cutout from the mold (be careful not to tear the cheese).

2. Using the bow portion of the Hello Kitty food cutter, cut out a bow from the bologna. 

3. Using the nose portion of the Hello Kitty food cutter, cut out Hello Kitty’s nose from the slice of orange cheese.

4. Using the Hello Kitty nori punch, punch out the full design from the nori. Reserve the eyes and whiskers, and discard the nose.

5. Optional: Using the tiny heart-shaped food cutter, cut out a bunch of hearts from the remaining mozzarella cheese.

6. Using tweezers, apply the mozzarella Hello Kitty head onto the middle of a prepared pizza crust. Add the nori eyes, nori whiskers, cheese nose, and bologna bow (I recommend using a Hello Kitty picture as a guide when doing this). To finish, add the optional mozzarella cheese hearts all around Hello Kitty.

Yummy! Thank you so much, Shannon, for sharing this supercute recipe! If you’d like to see more from Love First Bento, be sure to check her blog, and to follow her on social media.



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