Hangyodon & Sayuri Crochet Dolls

Hangyodon is good at acting the comedian and dreams of one day being a hero. This fun crochet craft will make not only a squeezable Hangyodon doll, but also his cute little friend Sayuri! Because this hero never leaves home without his best friend.

You can find more crochet crafts like this from The Hello Kitty Crochet: Supercute Amigurumi Patterns For Sanrio Friends by Mei Li Lee. Available online at Barnes and Noble: https://bit.ly/3bqII8J 

Before we get started, let’s go over what Amigurumi is:

In Japanese, amigurumi refers to knitted or crocheted stuffed dolls. Making amigurumi is a fine art that requires practice and patience. Having a whimsical imagination helps, too. For each step you will see abbreviations. Please see the chart below on what each abbreviation means.











In the patterns, brackets [ ] indicate a group of stitches to be made all at once or repeated a specified number of times. Parentheses ( ) within brackets further set off stitches. Curly brackets { } at the end of the line indicate the number of stitches you should end up with.

Let’s get started!

Skill level: 1


  • Cyan, light blue, red and pink yarn
  • Two 4-mm black brads
  • Two 4-mm pink brads
  • White, pink, and black felt
  • Crochet hook size 2.3 mm
  • Darning needle
  • Polyester fiberfill




Use cyan yarn and make 1 Body:

Round 5: [Inc, sc 3] around {30}.

Round 6: [Inc, sc 4] around {36}.

Round 7: [Inc, sc 5] around {42}.

Rounds 8–22: Sc around {42}.

Round 23: [Inv dec, sc 5] around {36}.

Round 24: [Inv dec, sc 4] around {30}. 

Round 25: [Inv dec, sc 3] around {24}.

Round 26: [Inv dec, sc 2] around {18}. Stuff.

Round 27: [Inv dec, sc 1] around {12}.

Round 28: [Inv dec] around {6}. Fasten off and weave in ends.


79 Use cyan yarn to make 2 Basic Arms:

Round 1: Sc 7 in magic ring {7}.

Rounds 2–5: Sc around {7}. Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing. Flatten.


Use cyan yarn to make 2 Basic Webbed Feet. Thread tail end through to the center of the feet.

Round 1: Sc 5 in magic ring {5}. Round 2: [Inc] around {10}. 

Rounds 3–5: Sc around {10}. Flatten. The following will be made by working across both sides of the piece.

Round 6: Start with sc 1 in the same st where your hook is now attached. Ch 2, sl st to the next st, 3 hdc in next st, sl st to the next st, sc in the next st, ch 2, sc in the same st.

Fasten off and thread the tail end through to the center of the feet.


Make 7 with light blue yarn. 

Round 1: Sc 7 in magic ring {7}.
Round 2: Sc around {7}.

Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing. Flatten each fin.


  • To make eyes, cut 2 white felt circles measuring 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) in diameter. Snip a tiny hole near the edge and pop a black brad in each. Glue eyes onto body below Round 8, about 2 stitches apart.
  • To make lips, cut pink felt into a long, thin rectangle. Round the corners and then cut the rectangle in half lengthwise. Try to cut a slight curve to make the pieces more lip shaped. Glue the top lip below the eyes. Leave a thin gap and glue on bottom lip.
  • To make the bowtie, cut black felt into 2 small triangles. Glue in place below the lips.
  • Glue pink brads onto cheeks.


Stitch arms and feet onto body.

  1. Align 2 fins with the eyes and stitch them onto the sides of the body. 
  2. Stitch 4 fins on the back, starting at the top and flowing down in a line.
  3. Leave a small gap and stitch on the last fin as the tail.


Make 1 body with red yarn.

Round 1: Sc 6 in magic ring {6}.

Round 2: [Inc] around {12}.

Round 3: [Inc, sc 1] around {18}.

Rounds 4–6: Sc around {18}.

Round 7: [Inv dec, sc 1] around {12}. Stuff. 

Round 8: [Inv dec] around {6}. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

To make tentacles, bring another strand of red yarn onto the hook and surface crochet onto the bottom of the head.

Rounds 1–6: Start by making 1 sc. Ch 4, sc from second ch on hook in the next 3 sts, sl st into the next st. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Use pink yarn for the lips: Sc 8 in magic ring {8}. Fasten off and stitch onto the head. Use your crochet hook to widen the center of the lips.

And now you have a hero team of supercute friends, Hangyodon and Sayuri!

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