Hello Friend! Meet Kristen Tafoya Humphrey and Merrill Hagan, writers of Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures

It's time for another episode of Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures! And today's episode was written by our good friends, Kristen Tafoya Humphrey and Merrill Hagan. Find out how they think of story ideas together and what they love to do other than writing.
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Hello Friends! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do for Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures.
Hello!  We’re Kristen Tafoya Humphrey and Merrill Hagan, two of the writers on Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures. We’re the only writing team of two on the series! Merrill has written for a ton of different cartoons, like Teen Titans Go and Magic School Bus, but this is Kristen’s first time writing for animation! 
When did you both first hear about Sanrio?
Merrill: The first time I ever saw Hello Kitty was when a girl on my school bus pulled out this SUPER COOL Hello Kitty Pencil Box! It had so many buttons that opened lots of little compartments. It was basically the coolest school supply I had ever seen. It still is!
Kristen: When I was in elementary school I was obsessed with lunch boxes. I had so many different kinds but one day I got a Hello Kitty lunch box.  It quickly became my most prized possession.
What Hello Kitty and Friend character is your favorite, or do you relate with the most from the series?

Merrill:  My entire life, I have just wanted to be as cool as Badtz-Maru. His attitude and eye-rolls speak to me. Plus, who doesn’t want a pet alligator?  BUT… in reality, I am much more of a Keroppi.
Kristen: My top two hobbies are eating and sleeping. So I would have to say that Pompompurin is my favorite character because we have so much in common. I also love all dogs!
As dueling writers of “My Melody’s Tea Party”, how do you both work on scripts together?
We have two GIANT dogs, Bixby and Rhoda, that need a lot of long walks.  We usually talk our rough ideas out while we are walking those two maniacs.  Sometimes watching them even helps come up with ideas! Then, we work together, writing ideas on the computer and passing them back and forth.  We try to come up with big visual ideas and then work backward from there. 

Besides being a writer, what is another passion of yours?
Merrill:  I am a big comic book and cartoon fan! If there’s a show with a superhero, I am there!  But I also love to run… usually while listening to superhero-theme music. 
Kristen: Aside from eating and sleeping, I’ve recently gotten really into collecting houseplants, playing tennis, and making fun little collage postcards.