Hello Friend: Q&A with Bobby Hundreds, Co-founder of The Hundreds

Hello Friends, we're excited to share with you the The Hundreds x Sanrio collection. But first, meet Bobby Hundreds! The co-founder of The Hundreds. Find out his inspiration for this collection and what drives his creativity daily.

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Hello Bobby! Can you share a little about yourself and what you do?




I’m Bobby Hundreds. I co-founded The Hundreds with my friend Ben. I guess I’m the Chief Creative Officer around here, which basically means I draw pictures and write words. 






What was your inspiration for the The Hundreds x Sanrio collection? 

In pursuing collaborations for The Hundreds, we look for significant storytelling vehicles, especially partners that have a rich heritage and a personal tie-in with our own experiences. As an Asian-American growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Sanrio inhabited this unique space between Eastern and Western culture, accompanied with fun characters and collectable merchandise. Many of those decisions have informed how I’ve looked at our own brand and its composition over the years.

 Coming soon to Sanrio.com

In celebration of Sanrio’s 60th, when did you get introduced to Sanrio? Do you have a favorite character?

I don’t remember a time in my life where Sanrio was not present. I have fond memories associated with myriad characters, which is why we are debuting this first Sanrio collaboration across a cast. I think I relate much to Badtz-Maru’s temperament. Pochacco was also a fixture of my childhood. And as far as legacy goes, I have to point to Hello Kitty’s mark on novelty history. Some of my earliest and most buzzy blog hits were documentation of the "Three Apples" show and subsequent Hello Kitty art shows. The nexus between Hello Kitty and contemporary artists and brands translated so well, that it made us re-think both Hello Kitty and the purpose of group art experiences. 

With The Hundreds you have not only created a clothing brand, but a community and platform for storytelling. How or where do you see The Hundreds growing as it keeps expanding and evolving with the times and with a new generation of followers? 

We take it one day at a time. This entire brand has been a storytelling project. We’re very grateful and appreciative to partake in these adventures, and so it’s about relaying that to our audience, taking their hand, and bringing them along for the ride. That’s why it’s never gone out of style. Because it’s not about clothing trends or even design as much as it about building relationships with our community.

                                             Coming soon to Sanrio.com
What keeps you inspired and drives your creativity?

Meeting people. Learning about what the world looks like from their perspective. Putting myself in their shoes and getting a little bit uncomfortable. I am least inspired when I’m content and fixed and selfish. I am excited and awakened by seeing the mountain from the other side.

Any advice for the young entrepreneurs who want to start a brand?

Passion and patience. Passion, of the heart and mind. Patience, meaning the discipline and wherewithal to carry out the vision. So much of this is about timing. It’s about mastering both, finding the delicate balance between. Have so much fun.