Hello Friend: Q&A with Jacque Aye for International Day of the Girl

Hello Friends, today is International Day of the Girl!

A day that was recognized and created by the United Nations in 2012. International Day of the Girl highlights and addresses the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. In celebration of this day, we’d like to highlight our friend Jacque Aye, founder of Adorned by Chi. A female entrepreneur and small business owner, who we are excited to announce, will be our first collaborator of our “Small Business, Big Smile” campaign. Let’s say “Hello” to Jacque Aye and learn more about her and her journey as a small business owner:

Hello Jacque! Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hey hey! My name is Jacque Aye and I’m the founder and head magical girl here at Adorned by Chi!

What inspired you to start your own business and tell us more about Adorned by Chi and your magical world of characters?

I was inspired to start my business because I’ve always been interested in super girly, hyper feminine aesthetics and nerdy things yet I never saw people who looked like me presented that way. Black women are often painted as super strong, fiery, or sassy. These stereotypes lead to harmful microaggressions and mistreatment. I want the world to see Black women being awkward, soft, sensitive, nerdy, and emo. All traits that our characters embody! 

We’re so excited to highlight your business in our “Small Business, Big Smile” campaign, tell us about the inspiration behind the Adorned by Chi x Hello Kitty collection and what piece is your favorite?

The collection is inspired by Igbo culture, the world of Adorned by Chi and those 90’s notebooks we’d cover in cutesy colorful stickers! My favorite piece is definitely the hoodie because of the Nsibidi symbols running down the arm. These symbols are an ancient form of writing that pre-dates colonialism in Nigeria.