Hello New York Comic-Con 2017!

Are you ready for the scoop on NYCC? Sanrio is coming to New York Comic-Con (October 5th to 8th) for the first time with our biggest selection of character merch ever!  

The Sanrio booth (#130) will offer a combination of limited edition convention-only items, special items imported from Japan, and new item introductions featuring Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Aggretsuko and hello sanrio!

For the collectors, here’s the lowdown on convention exclusive items:

Convention Exclusive: Sanrio Tees

These exclusive unisex t-shirts of Gudetama, hello sanrio and Aggretsuko are unisex cut and suitable for both women and men!

Convention Exclusive: Caps by New Era

Throwback time! The Hello Kitty snapback cap is a limited convention-only reissue of the very first New Era cap that was launched in 2014. Lazy egg Gudetama is also back with an exclusive new design!

And are you ready to rage, Aggretsuko fans? Here is the first (and only… so far) Aggretsuko cap ever!

Convention Exclusive: hello sanrio Nine Piece Pin Set 

This supercute enamel pin set features Lala and Kiki of the Little Twin Stars, Chococat, Pompompurin, Tuxedosam, My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi and Hello Kitty. Each character is its own removable pin so you can wear them separately or all together, it’s up to you!

We’ll take one of each, please! But just so you know, only a limited amount of each of these convention exclusives will be available each day… don’t be a Gudetama and snooze on them!

Are you a fan of kawaii culture? This next collection features merchandise from Japan that has been influenced by Tokyo trends and collectability:

New from Japan: Ai-tatA Bags

Ai-tatA bags are a big trend in Japan! Fans of different characters showcase their love by selecting and decorating these bags with all their favorite items. Show your love with a Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, and Gudetama Ai-tatA bag!

Each bag also comes with a “starter kit” with special items (3-inch pin, pancake plush, vinyl pouch, and a jumbo acrylic trinket) that you can use to begin your bag decoration.

New from Japan: Pyoconoru

Have you seen the supercute Sanrio Pyoconoru mini plush yet?

Pronounced peeo-coh-NO-roo, they are irresistibly cute mini plush that sweetly hang with you. Place them on your desk or on a shelf and their cute little backsides hang over the ledge. Supercute friends who love to hang! 

New from Japan: gudetama Blind Boxes by Re-ment

Re-ment is a Japanese company known for super-detailed miniature collectible sets. In case you didn’t know, the name stands for “reform the entertainment”.

This collection of blind boxes celebrates Gudetama in eight different breakfast displays. We love a sunny side up surprise, which one will you get?

Sanrio is also bringing back a supercute feature item:   

Featured Item: hello sanrio Bus Duffle Bag

Supercute reissue! This hello sanrio bus duffle bag completely sold out when it launched last holiday season. Get it while you can!

You can also find more Sanrio fun at these booths:

Bluefin/Tamashii Nations (Bandai) - Booth #1612
All items for sale are Non-Exclusive, but collectible

  • Figuarts Zero Hello Kitty Figure Gold version
  • Figuarts Zero Hello Kitty Figure Blue version
  • Figuarts Zero My Melody Figure Pink version
  • Figuarts Zero My Melody Figure Red version
  • Chogokin Figure My Melody
  • Chogokin Figure Onegai My Melody
  • Chogokin Figure Hello Kitty Blue

BAIT - Booth #220
Stop by for the limited-edition Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN collection! 

tokidoki - Booth #581

  • Hello Sweets - women's t-shirt
  • Breakfast Club - women's t-shirt
  • gudetama Snooze - women's t-shirt
  • Hello Kitty Mermicorno - women's hoodie
  • gudetama Shell - women's hoodie
  • Hello Kaiju - men's t-shirt
  • Breakfast Club - men's t-shirt
  • gudetama Pattern Tee - men's t-shirt
  • Donutella Kitty Dad Hat

VIZ Media - Booth # 1336

  • Hello Kitty & Friends Coloring Book

Are you going to New York Comic-Con? Be sure to use #HelloComicCon on social. Hope to see you there!