Keroppi's Perfect Pond Party

It’s summertime and Keroppi’s birthday is on July 10thTo celebrate, he decides to throw a surprise party for his brother, Koroppi, and their sister, Pikka. They are triplets after all! Keroppi asks his most trustworthy friend, Noberu, to help plan the perfect party at the pond for all their pals.

Being a deep thinker, Noberu realizes that the first thing they need to figure out is where to have the party. This should be super easy because the Donut Pond Clubhouse is the place where the group usually likes to hang out and it’s right next to the pond! However, the keys to the clubhouse are with Den Den and he’s nowhere to be found! This seems odd, as Den Den usually tags along wherever Keroppi goes, but the pair shrug it off and continue along with their plans. 

The next step is to grab a tasty treat to share with everyone that comes to the party. This should be another easy task, as Keroppi’s mother is a master chef and runs her own restaurant at Donut Pond. But what should they serve? Keroppi thinks that the rice balls at the café are the very best, so the duo dashes off to pick up a bunch for the party. Yet when Keroppi and Noberu arrive to place their order, the café is closed. Oh no!

“What else could possibly go wrong?” Keroppi thinks to himself. Then he hears a loud gasp. Turning around, he discovers that Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond around, has dried up! At first, Keroppi thinks that perhaps Ganta is pulling a practical joke on good-natured Keroppe, but the strongman denies being involved in this terrible ordeal. Despite being blessed with superior eyesight, curious Kyorosuke didn’t see it happen. Even kindhearted Keroleen just can’t understand this disaster. What a nightmare!

All of a sudden, Keroppi wakes up. Whew, it was all just a bad dream! He must have dozed off while hanging out with Keroppe under an apple tree. But what about the party? 

Luckily for Keroppi, his friend Teruteru had already taken care of arranging all the party details! Not only can this little rain charm predict the weather, she also had a pretty good idea about what the perfect pond party for the Hasunoue triplets would be. Maybe that’s because she had a little help from all of Keroppi’s friends, as well as his little brother, Kokero. Den Den, always a little behind, arrives with the keys to the clubhouse. He also has a little present for his favorite frog friend!

Once Koroppi and Pikka arrive with their father, everyone yells “surprise” at the top of their lungs! The party is a huge success! Koroppi and Pikka were both super surprised and there were yummy rice balls for everyone! Keroppi was surprised as well and thought to himself, “This party is so much fun! Thank goodness for such wonderful friends - and thank goodness that was only a bad dream!”