Pippo is the Sanrio Friend of the Month!

What a sweet summertime surprise! Pippo is the Sanrio Friend of the Month for August! Here are some fun facts about the curious pig that’s always ready to have a good time.


  • Loves surprises and inventing thing
  • Always thinking of games and new ways to have fun
  • Favorite time of year is Spring, when he can often be found exploring the lush spacious green scenery of Hyde Park
  • Has a great friend in Yumeha, the squirrel
  • Likes to discover new things and make friends

But did you know that Pippo is not your ordinary pig? In fact, he has his own apartment - though it is a little on the small side.  It’s right across the street from a park, which is perfect for playing with Yumeha, as well as the robins that nest nearby.

Pippo’s best friend and most understanding confidante, Yumeha, is a little girl squirrel who comes from a very large family. She can always be seen wearing the vest that Pippo gave to her as a gift. Yumeha moves at her own pace and like naps, but don’t worry – when the urge to move comes along, she’s a first-rate runner and tree-climber!

Pippo also has three robin pals – Hana, Sawa, and Ken. Hana is a real bundle of energy and is the go-getter of the flock. However, Sawa is a little more shy and quiet but is certainly not one to be overlooked. And Ken… well, he wants to be the coolest bird on the block, but he’s always being outdone by the girls! 

So what kind of surprises are there going to be in August to discover? Well, as you might have already guessed the first Friday of August is coming up, which means Friend of the Month Friday is almost upon us! And that’s when you’ll be able to get this exclusive “Sanrio Friend of the Month” collector pin!

The pin is available as a small gift with a $30 purchase at Sanrio.com and in select Sanrio stores, so be sure to get one for your collection before they’re gone! Each pin is only available until the end of the month or while supplies last.

Just click right here to find out more details with online purchases, or click here to find a list of participating Sanrio stores.

Curious about what else is coming up? Of course you are! If you ask Pippo, discovering new things is the best. And to celebrate the pig that loves surprises, hop on over to sanrio.com/pages/friend-pippo to find a special small gift – free desktop and mobile wallpapers and a printable maze!