Meander with My Melody

2017 is just around the corner, and we all know what that means, it’s time for New Year's resolutions! Are you resolving to travel more this upcoming year? If you are, why don’t you take My Melody with you?

Start your trip the cutest way possible with a supercute suitcase! Pack up and get ready to roll with My Melody.

My Melody is such a good-natured friend; wouldn’t she make a perfect travel companion during any hectic journey? This soft My Melody cushion rolls up to provide cuddly support wherever you go. 

Documenting the good times with your friends and family when you travel is a paramount part of the pilgrimage. Let My Melody help you take the perfect picture with a super sweet selfie stick

Strapped for space? Not sure if you'll need an extra bag? Take along this foldable backpack featuring My Melody! Convenient to use as a spare for trips, camping, visiting amusement parks or for just going around town.

Get ready to hit the road with My Melody! Rollin’ with your homies never smelled as sweet as it does with this vanilla scented air freshener by Melody Ehsani. 

However, what are you going to wear when you get there? Turn heads wherever you travel with fuzzy faux fur platforms by YRU! The wire ears are movable and the sweet satin bow on the side is simply divine!


Whether you’re planning to journey around the world, or maybe just around the block – My Melody will have you traveling in the sweetest way possible!