My Melody Outfit of the Day

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to create an outfit inspired by My Melody? Our guest blogger, Victoria Suzanne, is here to show you how to sweeten up your look! 



Hello! I'm Victoria Suzanne, Sanrio lover and kawaii fashion expert. I’m a modern-day princess and fashion model living somewhere between the moon and New York City. I blog about kawaii and lolita fashion, cute lifestyle, and the power of positivity at Parfait Doll.  My dream is to help other girls express themselves through fashion, so they can become their own Cinderellas!

After getting the chance to be mischievous with a Kuromi styled outfit this autumn, I loved showing off the sugary style and sweetness of her best bunny girl friend, My Melody. My Melody is my favorite Sanrio character - I love her soft expression, big bunny ears and lots of cute pink hair bows and hats. She's a sweet little bunny who loves pink, flowers, and sweets!

For this outfit, I chose a special My Melody patterned dress with a pretty gingham check background - I got it at my local Sanrio store! The wide ruffle at the bottom especially adds that girly-girl feel that My Melody is all about. This starry pink apron gives it a pop of whimsy, and highlights the white lacy collar peeking over the top of the dress. Hints of lavender, one of the colors commonly paired with My Melody, call attention to these plush My Melody ears and hair bow!



Of course, My Melody needs baby-pink blush, big eyelashes, and gently ombred bright pink lips. I use a lip stain to distribute the color in a blossoming pattern from the inner part of the lips to the edges.

To get your own My Melody style at home, incorporate some of My Melody’s favorite colors, like pink, lavender, or mint. For an old-school My Melody look, you can also try red and white like in her original hood and ears! Big hair bows set in the middle of your head also remind everyone of Melody’s signature look.

Wearing a My Melody t-shirt, mini plush, necklace or earrings can also add some My Melody style to your look. I had this cute My Melody plush to tuck in my apron pocket or pin to a purse to make it clear which Sanrio character is my personal favorite!



In the New Year, I hope to showcase more Sanrio-inspired style! Let’s all resolve to have more cute style like My Melody! Do you have any fashion resolutions for a "new year, new you" style update? 

Thank you so much, Parfait Doll, for sharing this adorable look with us! Victoria Suzanne is a cute culture expert and fashion model since 2006, and the writer of America's first kawaii lolita fashion blog. Featured in books, Japanese television, magazines and runway shows around the world, life has been one crazy cute ride! Check out more of her adventures and how to live a cute princess life on her website, or dive in with her other social media spots!


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