Ode to Gudetama

    Celebrate the Sanrio Friend of the Month and the #monthofmeh with a poem about Gudetama that was sent to us by Hannah L. 

    Gudetama the lazy egg

    So lazy, so sad
    yet oh am I glad 
    that something so beautiful is real.
    I just wish I could express the way I feel
    about an egg who wants to be somebody's meal.

    You're yellow and small
    and above all
    the best egg in the world. 
    When you lay on your yolk, 
    wanting to sulk 
    I think that's when you're at your best.
    One last thing I must say
    I'm sorry for the delay 
    I hope this poem cracks you up.. pardon my pun I just had to add it. 
    Thank you so much for sharing such a egg-cellent poem, Hannah! 

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