Sanrio Character Ranking Contest Snapchat Stickers

Calling all Snapchat users!  You can now snap the vote in this year’s Sanrio Character Ranking Contest!

Fans from around the globe can cast their vote online for their favorite Sanrio character (or characters!). Click here to vote now!

However, did you know that you could also vote on Snapchat by using Sanrio stickers to create custom snaps?  We're going to show you how!

First, snap a photo or video! 


After you take a snap, you should see an icon that looks like a folded piece of paper in the snap preview screen. That’s the sticker icon, tap on it.  It looks like this!


After you have tapped on the sticker icon, an array of different stickers will appear. If you’ve used Snapchat stickers before, the first thing you’ll see are the stickers that you’ve used the most.


Next, tap the flower-shaped icon. It’s located at the bottom of the screen and looks like this! (Super User Hint:  You can also swipe left on the screen until you get there.)


Once you tap the flower icon (or swipe left past the scissors and face icons), the icon will change to a Hello Kitty shaped icon, and the Sanrio stickers will appear!


Just tap on your fave to add them to your snap. Use your fingers to move them around, resize, and add in as many Sanrio friends as you’d like. There are 30 different stickers, so make sure you scroll down when you’re in Snapchat to see them all!


Each time you use a Sanrio sticker on Snapchat, a vote is cast for that character in the Sanrio Character Ranking Contest. The stickers are available until June 10th, so get snapping and help support your Sanrio fave!

*Please note that unfortunately, Sanrio stickers are not available in Japan and China.  

There are many ways to vote, visit to find out more!

By the way, Hello Kitty and Gudetama are on Snapchat!  Use the snapcodes below to follow the fun!