Sanrio Friend of the Month: Gudetama

Wow, it’s already May! Meh… where does the time go? Sometimes we’re all so busy and it’s just so hard to get away from the daily grind… but how about a little motivation to be lazy? Let’s make this month the time to let Gudetama be your guide! Here are some facts about the apathetic egg that lacks spunk…


  • is seriously too lazy to write facts… whatever.

 Ha ha, of course! Feeling frustrated? Are you just over it like Gudetama? Getting overworked, burning out… it happens to everyone. So we’re declaring May to be the Month of Meh! This month, show us your love of laziness and the lackadaisical egg on Instagram and Twitter by using #monthofmeh.



Also, be sure to follow Gudetama on Facebook and Instagram for daily tips on how to be lazy. Think of it as a… month long Meh…nifesto!

Hopefully, Gudetama will keep motivated throughout the May to keep sending out daily how to’s… yeah, sure…



Don’t forget to get your exclusive Gudetama ‘Sanrio Friend of the Month’ collector pin for May!  

The pin is available starting on  ‘Friend of the Month Friday’, which is always the first Friday of the month, as a small gift with a $30 purchase at and in select Sanrio stores. This month, the pin will be available starting on May 5th. Don’t sleep on it; get one for your collection before they’re gone! Each pin is only available until the end of the month or while supplies last.



By the way, did you know that Gudetama is on Snapchat? Scan the snapcode above to follow along with all the gude times.


Speaking of gude times… have you heard about the Gudetama themed restaurants in Singapore and Taiwan? You can learn all about these Sunny Side Stops here on the Sweet Happy News, all without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.   


Plus, it’s time to relax with our guest blogger, Parfait Doll! She’s here to show you how to get comfy with some Over Easy Outfits inspired by Gudetama that won’t leave you frying in the pan…

Egg-cited? Visit to check out all the yolky gudeness this month!