• Name : Pippo
  • Birthday : December 16

Pippo loves surprises, making discoveries and inventing things. He is always thinking of games and other new ways to have fun with his friends. He can often be found exploring the lush, spacious green scenery of Hyde Park. He has a great friend in Yumeha the squirrel, and gets on well with the young robins that nest nearby.


Yumeha is a little girl squirrel from a very large family. She can always be seen wearing the vest that Pippo gave her (None of her brothers or sisters have one.) Pippo’s friend and most understanding confidante, Yumeha moves at her own pace and likes taking a lot of naps. But when the urge to move comes, she’s a first-rate runner and tree-climber.


Ken is Pippo’s friend. He wants to be the coolest bird on the block, but he’s always being outdone by the girls.


Hana is Pippo’s friend. She is a real bundle of energy and the go-getter of the flock.


Sawa is Pippo’s friend. She is shy and quiet, but not one to be overlooked.