Badtz-maru Starface Refills (32ct)

Item#: 017825

New Hello Kitty and Friends x Starface is here! restock your compact with 32 limited-edition Badtz-maru pimple protectors.

Badtz-maru patches are made with 100% hydrocolloid, a material that’s clinically proven to absorb fluid and help reduce the appearance of inflammation to shrink spots overnight. They also shield spots from outside bacteria and serve as a gentle reminder to avoid skin picking.

Starface is where complexion meets confidence and authenticity. We take skincare concerns that were once thought of as flaws and translate them into an opportunity for expression.

♡ Includes 32 Badtz-maru hydrocolloid pimple patches (8 sheets with 4 each)

♡ 100% hydrocolloid

♡ Oil-free

♡ Vegan & cruelty-free

♡ Pregnant & nursing safe