Cogimyun Plush Hair Clip Set (Handmade Teddy Bear Series)

Item#: 500429

Sweet little Cogimyun has trouble sleeping at night, so a soothing teddy bear comes to the rescue. Snuggled up close, this gentle series shows the handmade feel of a comforting and cozy friend. Not to be missed for dedicated fans of this flour fairy who, despite being made of wheat, longs to become an onigiri (rice ball).

Cogimyun appears dressed up as her teddy bear mate in this cute set of plush hair clips! Smiles are infectious when this pair of hair clips are worn in your hair!

♡ Set of 2

♡ Plush and applique details

♡ Non-toothed duckbill clip

♡ Approx. 2.7 x 2”