Hello Kitty 2-Way Smartphone Charm (50th Anniv. The Future In Our Eyes)

Item#: 565717

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary: The Future In Our Eyes - Let's gaze into the future through Kitty's eyes and witness the sparkle and excitement that lies ahead with her.

This smartphone charm can be worn crossbody with the strap to go hands-free while the cute beaded accents make it sparkle!

♡ Adjustable length

♡ Polyester, acrylic, PVC material

♡ Bead charm and heart-shaped acrylic charm are removable

♡ Easy to attach by clipping it onto your smartphone case

♡ Strap length approx. 50”

*Note: May not be compatible as it depends on the shape of the charging port on your smartphone case. Please refer to the image and check the shape of the charging port on your case before purchasing.