Hello Kitty and Friends x Care Bears AirPods Case

Item#: 916153

The Care Bear universe has been fostering a community of friendship, teamwork, and the power of feelings for decades. Hello Kitty and Friends have been fostering a community of kindness, generosity, and the power of inclusivity for decades. Put these two teams together and you have nothing short of unstoppable love (and cute). So, that’s exactly what we did with our latest Sonix x Care Bears + Hello Kitty and Friends.

Featuring a shimmering sky blue background with Hello Kitty® and Friends surrounded by the OG Care Bears in a dreamy group hug, this Airpods Case is a delight for your eyes and ears. With gold star details and a detachable gold ring, your mood will be as protected as your Airpods. Charge through capabilities are included to power up your tech and your kindness vibe.

Since 2010, Sonix has dedicated themselves to being the best in tech by transforming tech accessories into unexpected cult favorites amongst fans, influencers, and celebrities alike. Originally the creator of cute and protective phone cases, Sonix continues to expand into categories for the everyday lifestyle that protect, assist, accessorize and beyond. 

♡ Detachable gold snap ring

♡ Eco-friendly and biodegradable

♡ Protects against bumps and scrapes

♡ Lightweight, antimicrobial material

♡ Actual AirPods Pro device not included