Hello Kitty Automatic Soap Dispenser (Metallic Silver)

Item#: 590100

Wash your hands with easy using this rechargeable, hands-free pump that prevents germs or smudges from getting left behind!  It has a clog-proof tubing pump that ensures a precise and consistent flow and a silicone valve that prevents messy drips. To control the amount of soap desired, you can position your hand up close to the sensor for a little soap and farther away for more.

simplehuman® was founded in 2000 with a mission to improve everyday life! Basic objects are given a performance-driven redesign for a better experience everyday, 365 days a year. 

Note: Compatible with liquid gel-type hand soaps, gel hand sanitizers, and dishwashing liquid. NOT compatible with liquid gel-type hand soaps that contain exfoliating beads and foaming liquid soaps.

♡ In collaboration with simplehuman®

‚ô° Stainless steel design

♡ Clog-proof tubing pump

‚ô° Silicon valve prevents messy drips

‚ô° Auto-detect soap amount (bring your hand closer for a little soap, and leave it farther away for more)

‚ô° Funnel opening makes refill easy

‚ô° Waterproof for easy cleaning

‚ô° Includes charging puck (single charge lasts up to 3 months)

‚ô° 9 fl. oz capacity

♡ H: 6.8" x W: 2.8" x D: 4.4"

Note: Do not use with liquid soaps that contain exfoliants