RururuGakuen Naomi Mascot Keychain

Item#: 623725

RururuGakuen is a cheerful and energetic team of six girls who attend Rururu Academy. Terumi is bright and superhealthy. Naomi is a princess and a crybaby. Chie dreams of the theater. Maiko acts all cutie-poo in front of boys. Yoshiko is an energetic little rocker. Tomo is hasty and has all the yummy gossip. A group of rambunctious yet silly friends, it’s so fun to see yourself in them. Who do you relate to the most?

Rep Naomi from the RururuGakuen group with this kawaii and soft mascot plush! It easily spruces up your purse, tote, or backpack!

♡ Character ribbon 

♡ Plush, lobster clasp closure

♡ Approx. 5"