Tuxedosam FiGPiN #895 Classic Tuxedosam

Item#: 657727


Add to your pin collection with Tuxedosam! Encased in a clear display box, you can keep them on a shelf for display or wear them like your favorite accessory. Each one has a unique alphanumeric serial number, making each one uniquely yours.  

Tuxedosam once studied abroad in England. He likes cleanliness and has a great fashion sense. He even boasts a collection of 365 bow ties!

♡ Limit 2 per Order

♡ Zinc alloy inlaid with enamel

♡ Finished with electroplated nickel

♡ Approx. 3" tall (Pin)

♡ Includes unique laser engraved, serial number on the back

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