Go Bananas for Monkichi in September

It’s time to go bananas, Monkichi is the Sanrio Friend of the Month for September! Here are some interesting tidbits about the cheeky monkey who likes to have fun with all his friends.



  • Is crazy about puns
  • Lives in the hills in the Japanese countryside
  • Has an upbeat disposition and is easygoing
  • Keeps his friends entertained with stories and jokes
  • Dreams of being a poet
  • Loves bananas and can eat 10 in one minute

But did you know that Monkichi’s papa is a pun-master? Maybe that’s why he’s so fond of puns! And Monkichi’s mama can do amazing things in the kitchen!

Monkichi’s best friend is Monta – he’s the leader of the other little monkeys that live in the hills. He thinks he’s better than Monkichi, although they are like brothers and he loves playing with his pal. Monta plays it cool but also likes to cause mischief - his talent is a super speedy getaway after one of his pranks.

Besides Monkichi and Monta, there are five other little monkeys in the bunch. Momochan is the only girl of the group, and she is everyone’s idol. She likes anything stylish and might be having a secret fling with Monta. Hot-blooded Daikichi thinks he’s good looking and loves to eat. Little Uuken takes life at his own pace and doesn’t get worked up about things. He likes to lose himself in daydreams. With an IQ of 200, Chieo reads dictionaries in his free time and has the ability to bend spoons with his mind. Monsuke may be absentminded and blindly optimistic, but he doesn’t let his bungles get him down. His hobby is flower arranging!

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But there’s no slowing down yet for the upbeat Monkichi! Hop on over to www.sanrio.com/pages/friend-monkichi to challenge yourself with a super fun game where you help Monkichi jump from tree to tree. You can also amaze yourself in the kitchen like Monkichi’s mama with a tasty Monkichi sugar cookie recipe by guest blogger, Jen Wood. And if that isn’t enough, click here to share your punniest puns with the punny monkey!